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About us

Hydroponics and Sprouting Supplies: Easy. Cheap. No BS.

The hydroponic and gardening industries are filled with flashy brands, fancy terminology and a dizzying array of products claiming to maximize your plants’ health and yield.

Every gallon of nutrient you prepare for your plants using these products is going to cost you around $0.30.  In addition to that, you will receive typically no information about the content of those nutrients, aka “a proprietary blend”, or at best, meaningless ratio numbers,  and you will receive no information about how to determine the nutritional needs of your plants and correct for problems.

As a commercial grower, we know the above situation can be better, and we aim to do the following for you

  • Tell you EXACTLY what you are getting as a formulation
  • Give that formulation to you at a cost that is less than half of what big brands are charging
  • Give you practical advice on how to manage plant nutrition
  • Remove all of the silly / unnecessary things you don’t need to grow successfully.

You can find all of our products here or on Amazon and socially on Facebook